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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the services that BBL PROCESSORS offer?

BBL PROCESSORS offers the following services:

  • Obtaining the Basic Business License (BBL) for residential rental property owners

  • Registering residential rental properties with the Dept of Housing & Community Development's Rental Accommodations Division (RAD)

  • Registering residential rental properties with the DC Office of Tax & Revenue (OTR)

  • Coordinating the required Dept of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) licensing inspection

  • Obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy for multi-unit properties for Change of Ownership or Change of Use

  • 90 Day Notice to Tenants for Owner Reoccupancy & Personal Use

  • TOPA Service (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act) for 2 to 4 unit properties

  • Rental property Move-in, Interim & Move-out Inspections

  • Buyer Residential Home Inspections

  • Pre-Licensing Inspection

  • BBL Renewal Services

Who is required to have a business license?

All residential rental properties in the District are required to have a Basic Business License.

What are the steps to obtain a business license?

Step 1: Register your business with the Office of Tax & Revenue

Step 2: Obtain your "Clean Hands" certificate

Step 3: Apply for your license

Step 4: Pay the licensing fees

Step 5: Register your property with the Rental Accommodations Division (RAD)

Step 6: Schedule your inspection with DCRA

Step 7: Pass inspection

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